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EDIT: 8/7/15 Due to the DRRR!! and SNK novels being licensed I will no long be translating them as I do not want to get into any legal trouble. I have also made them all private and I will be slowly deleting them from this blog. Thank you for your continued support and it is a little sad that I have to take down this project which I have devoted so much time and effort into.

Volume 1: Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan
Colour Pages

Durarara!! Drama CDs
『八面六臂』 Vol 1. Track 1 2 3
『未来永劫』 Vol 2. Track 1 2 3

Gintama Drama CDs

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10 October 2010 @ 01:20 pm
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And the reason for this post is: TODAY IS GIN-SAN'S BIRTHDAY. So I did a celebratory translation. Sorry DRRR!! fans. And besides, this was so much easier to translate as compared to the DRRR drama CDs.  *goes back to study*
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08 September 2010 @ 07:45 pm
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Sorry...I couldn't resist. Well back to chapter 10. I'll translate the other 2 tracks, and drama CD 1 when I can.
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